In his career he has worked in few prestigious International projects like:

  • ‘IPM in BANGLADESH’(Co-Director, Cameraman, Editor of this World Bank film).

  • ‘MOTHER TERESA’ (Darjeeling co-ordinator of this film directed by Anne Etric of USA).

  • ‘1 GIANT LEAP’ (Kolkata co-ordinator of this international film directed by Jammie Cato of UK).

  • One of his photograph was used on the cover of ‘Environment Matters at the World Bank’, annual review, 2005.

  • The Cover of the book ‘The Urban Household Energy Transition’ by Barnes, Krutilla & Hyde and the ‘Millennium Ecosystem Assessment’ of WHO had photo taken by him. This photograph had created sensation amongst the world famous organizations fighting against Environmental Pollution.

Hands on knowledge in various areas of Film Productions (as Director, Producer, Concept-Script Writer, Editor, Cameraman) coupled with years of experience as Executive Producer in TV channels give Prabir an edge to work as an able and confident Producer-Director.


Prabir has also bagged the Award of Best Educational Programme Producer from the University Grants Commission, India in 1998.

His works,

  • ‘MOLLY SENER DIARY’ (Director, Editor, Music Director of this short fiction) screened at BYOFF, Puri on  2014;

  • ‘LIVING TALL’ (Co-Director and Editor of this Documentary on the Rain Forest of Malaysia) was screened in the Short & Documentary Film Section of the 17th Kolkata Film Festival, Kolkata Short Film Festival, 2011, participated in 6th CMS Vatavaran Film Festival, Delhi, 2011;

  • ‘IPM in BANGLADESH’ (Co-Director, Cameraman, Editor of this World Bank film) screened in 13th Kolkata Film Festival, 2007; 

  • ‘EKTI KOBITA’ (Story, Script, Camera, Editing, Direction, Production of this short fiction) screened at Jadavpur University Film Festival, 1983.

With a Diploma in Social Communication from Chitrabani, St Xavier’s College, Kolkata and Certificates in TV Production and Video & Digital editing from a number of internationally acclaimed institutions, he has put his mark in Directing and Editing numerous prestigious Short Films and TV programmes in India and abroad, particularly working in the Kolkata Film & TV industry.

Incidentally he is one of the first in Kolkata to learn and practice Super-8 mm technology and also Video & Digital technology. He is one of the first to make AIDS Awareness TV spots in India. In fact one of the 1st two AIDS Awareness TV spots in India was made by him. One of the first films on the Mentally Challenged Children - ‘Give them a Chance’ was Produced, Directed and Edited by him for National Institute of Mentally Handicapped. It was telecast through National TV Network.

As co-ordinator of Sphuran Videotech Prabir started the first private Video Film Making workshop of Kolkata and trained more than 300 students from Eastern and North-Eastern India between 1989 and 1991.

Prabir has learned cinema from the personalities like Fr Gaston Roberge, Ravi Ojha, Rituparno Ghosh, Shamik Bandyopadhyay, Rabi Ghosh, Mohit Chattopadhyay, William Greaves (USA), Dr Christian Grote (Berlin TTC), Prof. M. J. Kuetemeyer (Temple University, USA), Richard Buknor (USA) and others. He has worked with Ravi Ojha, Rituparno Ghosh, Gautam Chatterjee (Moheen) and others as Associate Director or Editor. Earlier, as theatre actor, Prabir had the privilege of working with people like Dipak Mazumder, Badal Sarkar, Eugenio Barba (Poland), Sekhar Das and others.

His works include Telefilms, TV Serials, Documentaries, Educational TV Programmes, Corporate Presentations and Advertisement Films. Almost all his works had been telecast through national and international TV channels and has been positively acknowledged. He handled subjects ranging from Architecture to Environment, from Science to Disadvantageous Children, from Tribal life to Corporate and Ad-films with equal expertise. Apart from Direction and Editing he is also handling the Camera for documentary films.


Prabir has launched a production house named MINSTREL PRODUCTIONS to concentrate on making films of his choice. He is now making a Docu-Fiction based on the musical journey of eminent music personality of the country – Hemanta Mukherjee.



Made his first short fiction ‘Ekti Kobita’ (Bengali/Super 8mm/Colour/8.30 minute) on 1982 which was screened at Jadavpur University Super 8mm film festival, 1983.