Friends, the great musical exponent of India, Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay (Hemant Kumar) left us 28 years ago. Till now there is no documentation on his life or on his Musical Talent. Can you imagine?
After failing to get fund from different Government agencies and private producers, I have started shooting of a Docu-Feature on the musical journey of Hemanta Mukherjee under the banner of my production house Minstrel Productions. 
I have started shooting interviews of related persons in Kolkata. Then I will have to go to Mumbai, Varanasi and Chennai. Some portion will have to be fictionalised in  those places along with interviews of related persons. I will let you know about the making through my Website and other Social Medium. 

But the project needs lot of money. I do not have that resource! So I urge you and all your friends through this message to stand by this project and help it to be made.